Animal Welfare

Farming animals carries great responsibility and the Denham Estate takes this responsibility very seriously.

The Denham Estate - Animal Welfare

Compassionate Management

Deer welfare

The Denham Estate is acknowledged as one of the forerunners in establishing deer farming in a natural environment whilst still maintaining the highest and most sympathetic standards of animal welfare and good husbandry through compassionate management and the best veterinary supervision.

Successful Deer Farming is dependent on easily handled, socially gregarious and contented animals, living together in a compatible and extensive grazing environment. For this reason stock are selected for placid temperament as well as good conformation, early fawning, fertility and hardiness.

It is impossible to over-exaggerate the most critical factor of all in influencing successful live-stock production and quality control which is the well-being and contentment of the stock. This will only be achieved through applying the highest standards of animal welfare and maintaining the strictest principles of good animal husbandry and sympathetic management.