GM and Allergens Policy

Totally free from any genetic modification, hormones or additives.

The Denham Estate – GM and Allergens Policy

GM Content

Hygiene and Butchery

Venison produced on the Denham Estate is fed from grass and supplementary feed is grown on the Estate and is totally free from any genetic modification, hormones or additives.

In addition to the benefits of controlling the purity, quality and standard of the feed, we are also in a position to assure complete traceability.

Wild Venison and game is, to the best of our knowledge, GM free, but it must be stressed that they are wild.


Although our primary products are butchered meat, the Denham Estate is fully aware of the necessity of protecting against contamination by allergens.

We operate a totally nut–free environment wherever meat may be handled or pass through, and have no products that contain egg, sesame, celery, lupin, nuts, mustard, fish or shellfish.

Some of our sausages and burgers do contain allergens within their seasonings, the use of which is carefully monitored and stored away from the butchery, and there is milk product in our Smoked Venison and Wild Boar ham, both of which are kept sealed in their packets.

Individual items are labelled as specified by the EU regulations in force in December 2014.

If anyone has any enquiries regarding this we are only too pleased to assist.