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Olympic Summer Deliveries

Posted by Katy on Wednesday, 30 May 2012 at 10:31:34

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After consultations, we would like to let you know what our delivery plans for London and the Thames Valley are over the Olympic period.

  • No Monday deliveries. Our last Monday delivery will be on 9th July and will resume on Monday 10th September
  • Normal day time deliveries on Wednesday covering Thames Valley & London outskirts but preferably not central London/Olympic route areas.
  • Evening deliveries on Fridays (from about 6pm, covering central London, other London areas and those establishments only accepting at night.
Trade delivery

We are fully aware that no-one really knows how the traffic in London will be over the summer, or how busy you will be over this period. We will try to be as accommodating as we can but please remember that we are a small company with only one van and, while we try our very best, occasionally certain requests may be impossible. However, being a small company with only one van, it also means that if the above plans do not meet the needs of most of our customers, we have flexibility.

We would also really appreciate as much notice as possible for orders to enable us to plan the best routes so we can to serve all of our customers in a timely way.

Having said all that - Here is hoping for a successful and busy Olympic summer for us all!

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