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Jan 2017 Update

Posted by Katy on Monday, 16 January 2017 at 12:51:11

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As Autumn started the years fawns were weaned in the warm shelter of the barns before being allowed out to start foraging for themselves, and no sooner are the fawns out then the rut starts. The roaring sound of the bucks can be heard all over the Denham and beyond.

Even if the bucks have their antlers taken off for safety you can tell they are very full of themselves at this time of year.

Autumn is also the time for food guides with the Good Pub Guide 2017 having too many of our customers to list in, but special mention must be made to The Beehive in Berkshire and The Cock in Cambridgeshire both of which were awarded the Top Dining Pub in their respective counties. And congratulations to all our customers mentioned in the Michelin Guide too.

A special mention has to be made of Lee Bye, the chef at the local Tuddenham Mill who was awarded the esteemed Acorn Award 2016 and Acorn Scholarship 2017. He has already started work on his plans to help young chefs continue in their chosen career with a Young Chefs Seminar held on 30th January at Tuddenham Mill.

As the weather gets colder the game season starts in earnest first with the smaller birds like partridge and teal and then onto the pheasants, mallard, pigeon, hares and rabbits – game that likes all the good food of Autumn to grow.

Then own shoots start, providing more very local produce and good social gatherings too as most people who attend are old friends who come every season to shoot with us.

Our 2016 Christmas charity was Emmaeus, a charity that does so much for people needing a home and a help up. We had also been approached to see if we could help with the Keech Hospice Dinner again this year. Of course we said yes and what a magnificent total was raised! So happy to have contributed.

A very busy Christmas and New Year came and went in a flash, and here we are, 2017!

A new year with new plans, ideas and stratagems! Watch this space!

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Christmas Opening 2016

Posted by Katy on Saturday, 03 December 2016 at 13:51:40

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We would like you to know that deliveries of Denham Estate venison, Denham Castle lamb, pork, wild boar, game & apple juice over the Christmas and New Year period are as follows :-

  • The last delivery before Christmas for Thames Valley
  • Wednesday December 21st
  • The last delivery before Christmas for East Anglia
  • Thursday December 22nd
  • The last delivery before Christmas for London
  • Friday December 23rd
  • Delivery during the holiday period for all customers
  • Friday December 30th
  • First New Year delivery for East Anglia
  • Thursday January 5th
  • First New Year delivery for London & Thames Valley
  • Friday January 6th
  • Normal delivery schedule from
  • Monday January 9th

While the office may be unmanned, you can still send orders by :-

  • e-mail to
  • Leave a message on the answerphone 01284 810231

If you have any queries about your deliveries over this period please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Quarterly Update

Posted by Katy on Monday, 22 February 2016 at 17:59:24

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The warm(ish) winter weather has given us an opportunity of continuing the general maintenance on the estate like the fencing, of which we have some miles!

We also needed to repair a water leak which was, of course, right in the middle of the car park and much further down than we thought. Matt was allowed out of the hole by Christmas, though.


But when the weather did get colder and frostier the morning view from the office window was wonderful.


We were really honoured to be asked to be involved with this year’s Zest Quest Asia ( by our friend and long-time customer Cyrus Todiwala. We supplied venison for the Shammi Kavaab at the events gala dinner (Shammi Kavaab- venison cooked with yellow split peas and spices, ground to a smooth paste, formed into patties, filled with chutney and pan-fried – now say you are not hungry!) and Cecilia, who was invited to the event, can vouch for all the superb food.

On the night Milton Keynes College pipped rivals Doncaster College, University College Birmingham, University of West London, and former champions, Farnborough College and Westminster Kingsway College following a cook-off held at Mr Todiwala’s Kitchen, the signature restaurant of the Hilton London Heathrow T5. All 6 colleges did so well to get to the final as the competition was very stiff. Congratulations to them all!

The winning entry from Milton Keynes College

We were also a happy contributor to Merlin Labron-Johnson’s residence at Patty and Bun ( to raise funds for the refugee charity 'Calais Kitchen'. This amazing group of people provide free food to thousands of starving refugees in Calais every day and any help is gratefully received.

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Christmas 2015 Delivery Schedule

Posted by Neil on Saturday, 19 December 2015 at 13:20:32

Filed under: products

Our Christmas delivery schedule for Trade Customers

Click here to view our delivery Schedule

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Happy Christmas

Posted by Katy on Wednesday, 17 December 2014 at 09:55:04

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We are having an amazingly busy run up to Christmas this year but we have to stop and tell that we have been voted Galvin Restaurants Outstanding Supplier for November. This is a lovely thing to have won, especially knowing what our competition was like, and we would like to thank everyone involved. Here is a link to Galvin’s Restaurants -

Everyone here at Denham would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a wonderful and prosperous New Year.


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Online Shop Open For Business

Posted by Katy on Friday, 18 October 2013 at 11:16:50

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Now Available Online

This has been a while in coming but so many people have asked if they can buy our produce, so...

We are very happy to announce that we are now selling our venison and Denham Castle Lamb online!

To start with we are selling mixed boxes at a standard price, either a steak, chop and burger box or  a roast, casserole, steak and chop box. Both boxes will have a pack of our butchers hand-made venison sausages in them. We think that either box gives a good range of products for the best value.

As we are providing the very best of our Venison and Denham Castle Lamb we have obviously taken great care to make sure that the packaging is the best we can find aswell to keep your meat in perfect condition in transit and use a wool based insulation which, in our tests, keeps the cold for longest.  It’s an added bonus that it is a natural product.

And, while I hesitate to mention Christmas in October, it would make a change from turkey!

Shop online now!

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Christmas and New Year Deliveries 2012

Posted by Katy on Monday, 10 December 2012 at 14:18:58

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We would like you to know that deliveries of Denham Estate venison, Denham Castle lamb, pork, wild boar, game & apple juice over the Christmas and New Year period are as follows:

The Last Delivery Before Christmas

  • East Anglia on Thursday December 20th
  • London & the Thames Valley on Friday December 21st

During the Holiday Period

  • All delivery areas on Friday December 28th

Our Normal Deliveries Will Commence On

  • London & the Thames Valley on Wednesday January 2nd
  • East Anglia on Thursday January 3rd

If you have any queries about your deliveries over this period please do not hesitate to contact us.

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