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Christmas Opening 2016

Posted by Katy on Saturday, 03 December 2016 at 13:51:40

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We would like you to know that deliveries of Denham Estate venison, Denham Castle lamb, pork, wild boar, game & apple juice over the Christmas and New Year period are as follows :-

  • The last delivery before Christmas for Thames Valley
  • Wednesday December 21st
  • The last delivery before Christmas for East Anglia
  • Thursday December 22nd
  • The last delivery before Christmas for London
  • Friday December 23rd
  • Delivery during the holiday period for all customers
  • Friday December 30th
  • First New Year delivery for East Anglia
  • Thursday January 5th
  • First New Year delivery for London & Thames Valley
  • Friday January 6th
  • Normal delivery schedule from
  • Monday January 9th

While the office may be unmanned, you can still send orders by :-

  • e-mail to
  • Leave a message on the answerphone 01284 810231

If you have any queries about your deliveries over this period please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Online Shop Open For Business

Posted by Katy on Friday, 18 October 2013 at 11:16:50

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Now Available Online

This has been a while in coming but so many people have asked if they can buy our produce, so...

We are very happy to announce that we are now selling our venison and Denham Castle Lamb online!

To start with we are selling mixed boxes at a standard price, either a steak, chop and burger box or  a roast, casserole, steak and chop box. Both boxes will have a pack of our butchers hand-made venison sausages in them. We think that either box gives a good range of products for the best value.

As we are providing the very best of our Venison and Denham Castle Lamb we have obviously taken great care to make sure that the packaging is the best we can find aswell to keep your meat in perfect condition in transit and use a wool based insulation which, in our tests, keeps the cold for longest.  It’s an added bonus that it is a natural product.

And, while I hesitate to mention Christmas in October, it would make a change from turkey!

Shop online now!

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