Denham Castle Lamb have been bred not only for their flavour but also to take advantage of the heritage grazing on the Denham Castle site. We also have other breeds on the Estate.

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The Denham Castle Lambs are bred and reared in the ruins of Denham Castle, an English Heritage site in the heart of Suffolk, grazing on native pastures and herbs in the surrounding meadows and orchards.

The Denham Castle Lamb derive from the Soay, Wiltshire Horn and Southdown, three of the most ancient breeds in the British Isles, which thrive on native grasses, herbs and clovers, and all of which add their own individual characteristics to make the Denham Castle Lamb.

By crossing these three sterling breeds we believe that we have produced a delicate fine grained meat embodying the best characteristics of all breeds - flavour, tenderness and juiciness, extensively raised on pastures and soil types totally conducive to its natural requirements. It has always been a small lamb and so the breed is being further improved by selectively crossing with more commercial rams.