Every possible effort is made to ensure consistency and quality of wild venison but it is strongly recommended that customers are aware of the difference between farmed and wild venison.

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The Fallow deer living on the Estate have been bred and cared for to be prime examples of their kind with carefully controlled breeding, feeding and living in the most natural of possible environments. The area around Denham has long been home to thriving herds of wild Fallow Deer.

Perceived ideas are often inclined to attribute variations in quality and flavour entirely to the difference between farmed and wild herds but this is not, by any means, always the case. Degrees of gaminess and flavour, shelf life and tenderness are influenced by deer species, animal stress levels at the point of slaughter, bleeding, hanging, age, sex, health and the type of nutrition which the animal has been fed. We believe it is important that these influences are recognised.

The Denham Estate’s wild venison is only drawn from estates and areas where there is an abundance of good food and minerals - then the Denham Estate operates further selection ensuring that the customer only receives the best possible wild venison.