The Denham Estate can supply a wide range of fresh game, shot either on the Estate or drawn from other sporting estates throughout Suffolk and Norfolk, counties renowned for the quality of their game.

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A Wide Range of Fresh Game

Denham partridges

Great care is taken to select quality game from well keepered estates known for the quality of their shoots and sportsmanship. The keepering and skill of the shots exerts a significant influence and it is the Denham Estates prime objective to supply game of undisputed excellence.

The Denham Estate can supply fresh game available in season and frozen out of season and either in fur or feather or oven ready.

Game Seasons - applicable to England, Scotland and Wales

Obviously, the availability of wild game is dependent on conditions during the breeding season and also during the shooting and hunting season but this would be an approximate guide.

Pheasant/Woodcock October 1st to February 1st
Partridge September 1st to February 1st
Duck September 1st to January 31st
Snipe August 12th to January 31st
Hare No close season
Rabbit No close season
Wood Pigeon No close season